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  • Clifford 620C - Flashing Electro Luminescent Indicator
    Clifford 620C Flashing Electro Luminescent Indicator This is a Electro-luminescent Blue Glowing LED style of lighting. It is less than 1/8 of an inch in thickness and includes all parts. It's perfectly designed to mount onto vehicle windshields and/or side doors. It's bright blue glow can be seen..
    Point and Click Control One of the coolest things about Clifford's G5 technology is the ability to plug your Windows PC into the system/accessory chain and run the CliffNet Wizard. CliffNet Wizard allows you to customize and control your Clifford G5 system and accessories with point-and-click..
  • Viper 620V - Flashing Electro Luminescent Indicator
    Viper 620V Flashing Electro Luminescent Indicator Viper 620V Electro-Luminescent Indicator features extremely low current draw and high visibility – a bright blinking panel for security & hybrid systems as an adjunct to the system Status LED. Overview Electro Luminescent Armed Indica..
    Supply ONLY CLIFFORD RPM Detector/Tach Signal Generator For use with remote engine starters or security systems that requires an RPM input Designed as an alternative to directly connecting to tachometer or fuel injector wires Detects electrical spikes in the vehicles electrical system C..
  • Clifford 502T - Closed Loop Sensor
    Supply ONLY CLIFFORD Closed Loop Sensor Universally compatible Triggers when connection is broken, not established Useful for protecting trailers, toolboxes, etc. Positive and negative trigger outputs ..
  • Clifford 504D - Double Guard Shock/Impact Sensor
      Supply ONLY CLIFFORD Double Guard Shock/Impact Sensor Fitted price when having an alarm fitted £45.99 The most effective protection against shock/impact. Uses patented electromagnetic technology to eliminate mechanical parts. Two outputs are provided. The first offers a Warn Away..